Testimonials & Clients

Media Coach Testimonial

Lauren’s VIP Media Training was essential to prepare me for upcoming media attention with the launch of my new book. Lauren helped me clarify my message, prepare for media questions, and practice my delivery. With her experience and invaluable direction, Lauren improved my performance and gave me confidence to make the upcoming book launch a success when I meet the press!

MJ Margraff

Author, Finding the Wow

Video Production Testimonial

Lauren and I have worked together for many years on several different television shows. Every experience with Lauren has been great. Her Producing skills and Field Directing abilities are top notch. Lauren has a great eye and ability to set up, create and capture amazing shots knowing what she will need to finish the job in post. Lauren’s creative talents are matched by her ability to guide the subjects of her shoots to tell their stories in their own words without feeling produced in a concise and succinct manor. She has the talent to transform the materials she has gathered in the edit room and tell compelling stories that demand your attention.

Andrew Frielingsdorf

Editor, Inside Edition

Media Coach Testimonial

I am a business owner. But, Lauren drilled into me, until it became part of my essence, that I am a Business Owner AND the author of a soon to be published book,Till Business Do Us Part. She helped me artfully craft a query letter so potential talk show producers would take notice and she polished my on-camera presence and message. Beyond the hands-on help (rewrite after rewrite, take after take), she balanced friendliness and directness. I look forward to working with her, again, very soon! If you need help with presenting yourself to the media, don’t look any further. Book Lauren and get booked!

Annette d. Giacomazzi

Author of Till Business Do Us Part, Business Owner, CastCoverz!

Video Production Testimonial

Lauren is an excellent director and producer with a clear vision. Working together on “Keep It Green” was a joy because Lauren seamlessly melds strong leadership with a collaborative approach. She sets a positive tone for the entire shoot, keeping the experience both highly productive and fun. As a director, she gave me clear and helpful guidance on my host and interviewer role. As a producer, she worked with a high level of integrity to bring in guests who could explore important environmental and social justice issues in a way that would leave our viewers feeling informed and inspired. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again

Melissa Mansfield

Host, Keep It Green